Chetan Mehta

Weaving royalty into Sq. fts.

When the client wants to live a dream life, it becomes our prerogative to build that dream space for the life to happen. We traverse beyond the limitations of sq. ft. and ensure that we inculcate the design expectations of the client. We don’t believe that smaller spaces need to be humble, we believe that brilliance is when design stands out irrespective of the space constraints. A decade ago we made a palatial home for Mr. Chetan Mehta, because to live royally was his dream.

The Client

Mr. Chetan Mehta, a classy individual, a man of rich taste. Uncompromising about his standards and ready to explore and experiment new ideas.

The Need

A palatial home that reflected royalty.

The Dimensions

1050 sq. ft.

The Eureka

Intricacy weaved with fusion strokes

The Journey

This project was undertaken a decade ago and back then it was one of the most outstanding and one of its kind work. It was a spectacle. We had designed a splendidly royal home that looked like a palatial villa all in the limited space of a 1050 sq. ft.
One unique aspect about this project was that we also upgraded and changed it with time. After a certain period of time the client sought to upgrade and revamp the living and passage area. He called us again, shared his thoughts. Our team then went through an intensive R&D process to ensure that his expectations are met in every way. Once the materials were finalized the next stage was to achieve the execution in a record time. We built a huge golden colour temple in the living area respecting the strong faith our client had. The deadline was one of the major challenges of this project. We worked around it and surpassed the client expectations!

The Highlights
  • Automation, we installed a unique air-conditioning system that circulated air 360 degree.
  • Laser cut back panels behind the sofa-sitting which was made out of stone.
  • Bedroom doors were customized and specially designed.
The Result

A happy, loyal client who happily advocates for us. So much so that he entrusted us with the project of designing his office.

Dzign Thoughts

Since 2005, Dzign thoughts have collaborated with a wide range of clients on numerous projects, from private residential homes, commercial space, hotels and retail establishments.

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