Do you want your home to be in sync with the trending colours? Here is a stock of what is trending in terms of colours in the interior-décor space.

Salmon pink or popularly known as the millennial pink – Shades vary from subtle champagne to oyster pink to salmon. The dusty shade of pink known as millennial pink is proving to be an enduring new classic. These rich colours will be seen not only in furniture and fabrics but walls and ceilings too. So try and get a single huge salmon pink sofa chair as an embellishment.

Sage like: Sage upholstery can be a classic touch to a room that is full of overpowering hues. Install furnishings with traditional motifs and exquisite ornate designs. This will give your home a neo-classical vibe.

Hues that run deep: Bold colours are an appreciated bold choice this season. Shades of red are in. Deep hues are being extensively used in kitchen with great elegance.

Light me up! Furniture in tones of grey, beige, off-white and pure white are being favoured because of their space enhancing qualities with their ability to make a room look larger. Exotic inlay patterns, elaborate contemporary carving details webbed together in furniture details are going to fuse eras together creating the new trends for 2018.