To ensure every client that walks through our doors finds an answer to their dream in our design. To ensure our design helps them finds their home in the four-walls. Our design helps them find their work-space. To architect dreams into reality. 


Translating every four walls & a ceiling into an expression of art, emotions, imagination and ideas. For humans find an anchor in a space, where they dwell, where they work, where they dream, where they struggle, where they grow. To make these spaces the reflection of their humans. 

“Spaces, places, objects, ideas are all poetry waiting to be recited, are all stories waiting to unfold”

We are storytellers & poets of spaces, places, objects and ideas. The cozy corner of a home, the sprawling conference room, the aisle where all shop could be our poetry in motion, the climax of our story. 

Design is the way of the world. If creationism is to be believed, our world is a super-designer’s muse. All that we are in shape and form and all that we do in actions emits a flawless design.

We as an organization are inspired from the possibilities of design and aspire to embrace the magic of creationism. Since 2005, since the last 11 years and we are relentlessly committed to converting dreams into reality. We design spaces that are a dream in itself and spaces that inspire ideas. 

Our expertise is a spectrum of spaces, from homes, offices, hotels to retail establishment. We are into the business of making every space that involves human dwelling into havens and abodes that perpetuate human life and aspirations. 

Integrity and commitment are the two corner stones of every project we take under its wing. The journey so far has resulted in more than a 100 projects done us. 

For us human complexity and simplicity, human behaviour, and human are the threads that weave surreal spaces. 

11 years. Two individuals. A friendship. An idea. Dzign Thoughts.

Sagar Shah and Satyaprakash Sharma met in college, both the understudies of the discipline Interior Designing. An idea of braving the unchartered waters of the world together emerged over a conversation in canteen. Wherein the deal was to go out in the world gain individual experiences and then come back and start an organization together. 

They kept the promise and Dzign Thoughts came into being. Satyaprakash and Sagar incorporated Dzign thoughts and undertook their first project, a 1000 sq. ft. office, a project with budget constraint. So the duo started with a challenge of designing big in limited resources. The result, a delighted client, a chain reaction of word-of-mouth and by the end of two years – 10 offices and 10 homes completed successfully. 

This was the beginning of an 11 year long and yielding journey. Dzign Thoughts soon escalated to the premium space and began projects that were both big in size and big budget. And ever since they are unstoppable and impeccable.

A delighted client is quintessential to success. 

Our Process
To listen

A designers’ core role is to listen to what the client says in words and does not but you can still listen. Because it is their dream that is your destiny.

To envisage

Imagine the words that the client shared, the ideas the client shared into a dwelling space.

To shape the dream

Draw the dream, A 3D design of every corner.

Meet & Match

Meet the client share our ideas, project cost, talk over coffee and find a match. Yes! Let’s work together.


Materials, team, plans


Let’s go live on site. Stick to timelines. Achieve all the set goals.

A delighted client

Welcome to your new space!


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Dzign Thoughts

Since 2005, Dzign thoughts have collaborated with a wide range of clients on numerous projects, from private residential homes, commercial space, hotels and retail establishments.

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