Real estate is as expensive as buying a piece of heaven or booking a spot on the moon. While we all dream of large sprawling mansions, the truth is sq. fts are limited. But what is untrue is the fact that square feet may be limited but it sure isn’t a limitation. So here are some interesting hacks and little secrets that will make a small space a huge hit!

One must know that the pit-fall of designing a small space is that mistakes made are often magnified. When everything is right in front of the eye, it is tough to miss. This means small changes, tiny alterations can go a long way in making the place look – Wow!

Tip 1 – Mount the shades inside the window frame instead of on top of them:
Usually when you live in small apartments they don’t open to a grand-view of garden scape. Often they open to another building. Thus the window needs to be planned in a way that your life doesn’t become a ‘subject of interest’ for others. For modern interiors, try rolling shades which provide a minimalistic and sleek look – especially if they are mounted on the inside. It gives a neater look.

Tip 2 – Furniture that doesn’t kiss the floor.
Choose furniture that has more ground clearance. Furniture whose legs sit up above the floor a few inches. This creates a ventilated, airy feel and an illusion of extra space.

Tip 3 – Wall mount your books, don’t put them in a book-case
Wall-mounted shelves are an ideal fit for small spaces. They eliminate the extra baggage of bulkiness that bookcases come with like the sides, the back. And try to get them in white, because the blend in with the wall creating a cohesive harmony. Like an almost-built-in look. What more it is a huge space saver, gives you more floor space.

Tip 4 – A rug that hugs your entire space
Small rugs are a bad decorating decision. A small rug can fragment the floor area and make it look visually even smaller.

Tip 5 – Artwork that is almost life-size with respect to your space
Just like the rug get an artwork that is big-enough that can make a small space look big. The point here is, it is all about proportion.